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  Showroom Polishing Systems...Different from the Rest
   Protect your investment safely.

The exclusive polishing system that elevates “Show Cars to Perfection” is now available to make your everyday car look brand new once again.


Unlike detail shops, we don’t use high-speed buffers that wear away your paint or heavy wax to fill scratches. We use orbital buffers and our own pads and polish, developed through years of trial and error, to remove swirl marks and minor scratches.


Also unlike detail shops, our proprietary paint sealant will protect your new shine for up to 12 months.


And, with yearly sealant re-applications, you can keep that showroom shine on your car for as long as you own it.


Our system is so amazing that, for our customers who have their cars re-sealed twice a year, the shine actually gets deeper.


As an added bonus, when you’re ready to sell or trade your car in, it’ll be worth more and sell more quickly, too.

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  Imagine your car looking brand new!

Did you know that underneath those swirls and minor scratches there is still a showroom shine? THERE IS!

Here at Showroom Auto Polishing, we specialize in restoring the showroom shine to your automobile.

Our exclusive polishing system will gently resurface the swirl and scratches, restoring the original factory shine to your paint's surface. Then we apply a one-year paint sealant to protect your paint's new awesome finish!

Our protective coating acts as a waterproof barrier that locks out all the nasty stuff that attacks your paint like sun, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and in winter, snow, slush, dirt and road salt.

Now is the time to protect your investment and enjoy having your automobile look like new for as long as you own it. Love your car again!

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