Gloss Boss

Mastergloss is automotive’s “GLOSS BOSS!”

  • Our patented polishing system produces a slick, brilliant shine – and a gloss level unprecedented in the auto paint protection industry.
  • Our proprietary sealants interact with your car’s surface to form a tenacious, impenetrable bond.
  • We are industry experts in the preservation and protection of auto paint finishes, with 3 proven solutions. All resist corrosion, abrasion, and weathering, and produce super hydrophobic gloss properties that satisfy even the most demanding car enthusiasts!
high-gloss performance

For new cars

We deliver the ultimate "wow" factor, adding years of high-gloss performance!

restore your paint finish

For used cars

We restore your paint finish like no wax or buffing can!

For exotic cars

We provide the “sizzle” for competitions nationwide!

The Mastergloss car detailing service creates a robust, waterproof barrier that protects cars from:

Maintenance is easy - and you’ll never have to wax again! Discover Mastergloss polishing today.

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