Traditional Auto Detailers vs.
Mastergloss Car Paint Protection

auto detailers

Traditional auto detailers provide a temporary “fix” that puts a glossy coating over your car's paint. This glossy coating, usually a paste or liquid wax, is sacrificial in nature: it wears off – generally,within a few months – leaving the paint exposed and vulnerable to the elements.

Even professional auto detailers use wax products, often applying two coats to cover those areas that are particularly in need, or that require extra protection. This “double-coat” is double trouble for paint: it looks great on Day One, but wax does not adhere to wax and that second coat is quickly worn away.

car paint protection

Mastergloss Car Paint Protection from Showroom Polishing System was developed to provide an ultra-high gloss finish that lasts for years, resists fading and weathering, and never requires waxing of any kind (single, “double” – or otherwise!)

Most importantly, it does so without removing paint / clearcoat, which is always an issue with traditional buffing and polishing. Tests using a DeFelsko PosiTest DFT Gauge – the professional standard for paint thickness measurement – tell the story.

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Our proprietary 4-step process includes:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Application of a patented clay bar treatment to remove contaminants and smooth the paint surface
  • Resurfacing of the car‘s paint, which permanently removes swirls and scratches and creates a permanent finish that out-reflects any new paint finish
  • Application of a protective sealant

Thousands of cars and trucks (also boats, motor-homes and motorcycles!) have received Mastergloss protection. As you'll read on our testimonials page, it is widely regarded as the best available finish for long-term exterior paint protection.

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