Mastergloss Owner Dave Givens

Mastergloss Owner Dave Givens (center) with Ed LaPrath (left, President) and Rob Ault (Vice President)

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About Us

I‘m Dave Givens, and I developed the

Mastergloss polishing system for auto detailing.

It started in the 1980s, when I worked for a global leader in the auto detailing industry. Wool pile bonnets, which literally shave minute quantities of paint / clearcoat when used on a car, was the industry standard for polishing. Over time, I developed nonwoven foam pad technology that proved to be a “better mouse trap.” Much better. Over time, it became the standard for auto polishing in 35 countries.

As the foam pad technology we developed continued to improve, I became involved with the chemistry of protectants and sealants for automotive paint. These efforts ultimately redefined what was possible in terms of restoring an automobile’s paint finish.

Once thought to be a rare occurence, is now common practice. Mastergloss makes it easy to keep a car‘s original factory paint in exceptional condition for years – often a decade or more. And restores a used car’s finish so that it looks like new.

It takes effort – you can’t park under a sappy maple tree every day, or run the car through those “whirling brush” car washes, and expect to maintain a perfect paint finish. But with a little effort – we call it “after-care” – we can show you how to do it. And, you won‘t have to buy a single can of wax, or polish – ever again.

Nothing looks as good as a Mastergloss shine! - and when you’re ready to sell or trade your car, its greater appeal will help it sell more quickly- and at higher value.

READY FOR THE MASTERGLOSS ultra-high-gloss finish?

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