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Customer testimonials

"When it came out, it looked brand new, the scratches were gone - there was a huge difference. I‘ve been using Showroom Polish for years, its simply the best car detailing!"

Dr. James Egbert

Gemini Optical

"My Car looks fantastic! When Showroom was finished with my car detailing, it was a totally different vehicle - it was like night and day. I made a great move by taking my vehicle to Showroom Polishing."

Shannon Elliot

Occupational Therapist

Customer testimonials
Customer testimonials

"I took it up to Carlisle and it won best original un-restored paint, out of 2500 cars; that‘s a miracle! It improves the car year after year."

Gerrry Elam

Show Car Enthusiast

"The shine my car has when I drive away is something I can‘t get any place else."

Dave Studebaker

City Manager, Entrepreneur

Customer testimonials
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