Ceramic Plus High Shine Gloss

“The metal flake in the paint seemed like it was floating above the surface of the car. It looked incredible!”

From a Bentley owner after his $400,000 car received Mastergloss polishing with Ceramic Plus sealant.

“Made the metal flake ‘pop’ on my Charger. I thought she looked good before, now she’s awesome!”

From Dayton customer Cliff Cox.

Ceramic Plus for Windows and Wheels



The Mastergloss polishing system removes light scratches and swirl marks from new cars… from used cars… from show cars… and from cars you want to sell for the best possible price.

Most important: The patented Mastergloss polishing system does what no other system can: it develops an intense, wet-look shine without removing paint/clear coat. This is critical because all other polishing systems remove paint/clear coat in order to remove light scratches and swirl marks – it’s always been this way… until Mastergloss!

Rather than grinding away good paint/clear coat to remove light scratches and swirl marks, Mastergloss uses a proprietary technology to resurface the vehicle’s finish without removing any of it. The only thing removed are the light scratches and swirl marks.

What follows: After polishing, we apply one of our proprietary protective sealants that give the shine phenomenal staying power, so cars look showroom-perfect for years, regardless of weather or environmental conditions.

Customers choose from:

  • Mastergloss polishing with a 1-year polymer sealant
  • Mastergloss polishing with a 3-year nano sealant
  • Mastergloss polishing with a 5-year Ceramic Plus hard shell sealant. This unique sealant is the “crown jewel” of the Mastergloss paint protection system, delivering the most intense, permanent, scratch resistant gloss.

“We Do Windows – and Wheels!”

Ceramic Plus for Windows and Wheels provides 2-5 years of water and dirt repelling capabilities. For the glass, particles in this highly advanced protection product are 100 nanometers thick. These particles coat the peaks and valleys of the glass surface, forming a super-thin layer of long-lasting hydrophobic protection. For the wheels, the coating is heat resistant to prevent brake dust adhesion and allow for easier cleaning.

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