Mastergloss New Car Paint Protection

Mastergloss New Car remove swirls

New Car Paint Protection

Contrary to what most people think, new cars do not have "perfect paint."


Auto manufacturers apply plastic to the surfaces of new cars to protect the paint during shipping. Once the dealer removes that plastic, the protection ends and the attack from mother nature, and man-made pollutants, begins. Car dealer personnel often add to the problem by the way they wash and wipe cars – a process that often does much more harm than good. The result is car finishes that become dull and old-looking before their time.

What we are

Mastergloss New Car Paint Protection is a “lifetime” vehicle care system developed to give new car owners an ultra-high gloss finish that resists fading and weathering, never requires waxing, and lasts for years.

What we’re not

Mastergloss is not a “one-time,” or “wipe-on,” or “buff-over” detail shop. You already know those, and you know they do not provide the ultra-high gloss finish you want for your car.

The Mastergloss process is unique. It gently removes swirls and scratches without removing paint, which is what other detail shops do. (For a quick comparison, click here.)

The Mastergloss New Car Paint Protection process was engineered for vehicles less than a year old, generally with fewer than 10,000 miles on the odometer.

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