Used Car Paint Restoration

Used Car auto paint repair

Used Car Paint Restoration

For more than 35 years, Mastergloss has:

  • Restored the finish on used cars (and trucks!) of every make and model
  • Restored the original paint on collector cars

The Mastergloss Used Car Paint Restoration Process imparts high gloss luster while preserving the integrity of the car’s original finish. It is also the only process that does not buff away paint, unlike traditional detailing methods. The Mastergloss process removes scratches, swirls and other imperfections using totally different technology; technology that does not compromise the paint by buffing it away and covering it with a waxy, topical coating.

Owners of used cars want the appeal and “wow” factor of a great car finish. Collectors and hobbyists want to restore the fragile paint on antique and classic cars without thinning-out the finish, or adding artificial color.

For both, Mastergloss offers 2 options:

If your car has light to medium scratches from “brush” car washes and typical wear, the Mastergloss Patented Polishing System will gently and completely blend away the swirls and scratches without thinning the paint.

How is this possible? Tests using a DeFelsko PosiTest DFT Gage – a professional instrument for precise paint thickness measurement – tell the story.

If previous detailing has removed or compromised your clear-coat and your paint finish has suffered medium to heavy damage, Mastergloss offers FX Clearcoat auto paint repair.

READY FOR THE MASTERGLOSS ultra-high-gloss finish?

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